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Evil Does Not Die, It Evolves

Bringing Order From Chaos

Illogical Emotion of Fear

Missing time experience verified.

Data freeze most likely reason.

Need data on two cycles of activity.

Need... data...

Numerous beings either returned to their world of origin or killed in a catastrophe.

Meanwhile, this world has endured a significant loss of life as a result of the war between the two opposing armies known as the Dark Area and Virus Busters.

Historical records also indicate numerous deaths as a result of natural disasters. Just this past month the Poyi Mountains reported numerous wounded or dead as a result of conflicts between wild digimon. Numerous insectoid digimon have been displaced from their habitat by invasive species.

And individuals claim that this world is not chaotic and in need of change.

The beings of this world are data. Composed of ones and zeroes. Not truly organic, but part of a vast database that grants them operation and sentience.

And yet, this world is as chaotic and imperfect as the one I left.

Conclusion - it is clear that order must be brought to this world as well.

[locked to Brainiac Five]

Hello, Brainiac Five.

It appears that we are not yet done with one another. I suppose humans will consider it amusing - your defeat of me and transformation into an organic was nothing more than a means for me to escape the confines of your weak mental landscape, and for me to return to the material plane.

I look forward to showing you the error of your ways.


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